Food- Walnut and Beetroot Salad on a Sunday Afternoon

So one of my goals this year ( amongst many...) is to photograph food at least once a week. For the past seven or eight years I have been admiring the work some incredible food photographers and I just can't wait to have a go myself. I have to say there have been some shameful attempts to capture some of my favourite dishes - mainly because I end up eating them and forget to actually take the picture. Anyway here is my attempt for the afternoon - Beetroot, walnut salad. You can add sheeps milk feta for a bit more flavour! 


Beetroot - 1 medium 

Mixed salad

Walnuts- 1/4 cup 

sea salt ( optional)

Cook the Beetroot in an oven set to 200 degrees- cook for about 40 minutes.You will know when the beets are ready when you can cut them easily with a sharp knife. Cut the beets into small wedges and place on the salad leaves. Crumble some walnuts over the top and add some sea salt and a splash of olive oil.

Hint: wrap the beets in foil with the skin on to prevent burning. 

Enjoy !