Fine Art - Australian Native Series.

I am in the midst of working on a new series and a project for an exhibition in 8 weeks. My work will be looking at human resiliance, drawing on a period of my own life where I had to overcome a debilitating health condition.  Australian native flowers are symbollic of this resiliance - overcoming drought, adverse weather conditions , and low rainfall - only to thrive again. I have also always had a love of these flowers and think they are trully magical. These are a few of my very early prototypes . I just caught the last 5 minutes of light before the sun went down so it was a very rushed and the lighting isn't ideal.  I will be shooting in studio with lighting tomorrow to see how this works . Its more likley I will use natural lighting however i need to see the comparisons. I anticipate that this project will change over time but that's not a bad thing.